Bettie Magazine Wallpaper

After some discussion with a fellow Caption Creator, re-did the color scheme.  I am very pleased with the difference :)

My OCD was in full swing.. I was still not 100% thrilled with the "cleanness" of the layout, so one, FINAL "tweak" :)

Guest Caption Magazine

Annabelle Raven, from over at Annabelle' Family Tradition sent me this LOVELY caption,"The Annabelle & Steffi Show". Annabelle runs a beautiful Blog, focusing on transformations of and/or by family members. She has exquisite taste in source piccies, a lovely turn of phrase, and updates often. It's definitely worth a look! Thanks, Annabelle!

The Hunger Magazine

Magazine Girl Tattoos

So you're looking for pin up girl tattoos? They're something else, that's for sure. These tattoos are an expression of the beauty of females. I really like these kind of tattoos, as it's far from generic. Read on to learn more about these tattoos, and where to find the best designs. It's much more common to get cartoon like illustrations instead of tattoos that depict real girls.
These illustrations are often of a nice looking woman with exaggerated proportions posing in various positions. You can make these more interesting by using a certain theme for your pin up girl. Popular choices are devil girls, angels, or warrior-princesses. The other style of pin up girl tattoos are tattoos of real life women. These are often famous models or celebrity sex symbols. The most famous pin up girl would have to be Betty Grable, while the new pin up queen is arguably Dita Von Teese. In the more modern style the girl is either half-naked or completely naked.
When deciding what type of tattoo you want it's important to think about future jobs, since formal environments don't always take a liking to tattoos that are easily seen, certainly not of naked women. Today there are so many designs to choose from, and the internet has made deciding what tattoo you want that much easier. Before getting your tattoo done, it's therefore highly recommended to join a good website where you can explore tattoo galleries to find out what design suites you best