Nissan / Designboom

Poster I created for Nissan + designboom.

Design Week Award

The book I illustrated for Pentagram has won first prize in this year’s Design Week Award for Editorial Design and won a D&AD award in the same category

Older Collages

Couple of bits of hand done collage work I did a while back.

Kyocera Sketch

A sketchbook piece for Japanese electronic firm Kyocera.

Beth Ditto for OMM

An alternative version of an illustration of Beth Ditto I did for The Observer Music Monthly.

Brain Wave

A piece of personal work I created around the concept of inspiration.

GQ - Generation Kill

Illustration I just completed for GQ on the HBO television show Generation Kill about soldiers in Iraq.

More Ancient Mariner

Just thought I'd post up a couple of more pieces that i created for the Ancient Mariner project that never got used.